Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Roommate Drama Part II

  Four days before the drama with Melvin happened (Wednesday night), Melvin texted me and asked me if I would drive Sibil to the doctor (Sibil is currently pregnant with their second child) the next day. I told him that Sibil might need to reschedule, because Mary asked us Tuesday if we could take her somewhere and I didn't know how long we would be gone, and left it at that. What the hell do I look like? The city bus? There was no way I was going to give her a ride to the doctor, number one because someone else already asked for a ride earlier during the week, and Melvin waited till the last minute, and secondly, he already owed us gas money and didn't offer us gas money to take her to the doctor (once again trying to get a free ride!), and thirdly, do I look like Hermoine Granger!? I cannot be in two places at once, and I had things I needed to accomplish while I had the day off after Mary was finished with her errands.

  Back to the point. Fast forward to the Sunday after that, when the drama went down with the gas money, I go to bed, wake up Monday morning, check my Facebook while I'm in the car on the way to work and see some bullshit childish nonsense that Melvin posted about my fiance and I, blaming all their problems on us. He said it was all our fault that he was losing his job and that we wouldn't give him a ride to work this week after he tried to convince us he would pay us with his next check. I guess he thinks I am dumb enough to believe that he would give us 50 dollars but not 30...haha! Leann see's his status, and leaves a comment saying he needs to back the hell off because if he can afford take out and booze instead of buying the car from my dads neighbor, then he can afford gas and that it was his own fault that he is losing his job. So then Sibil jumps in, and tells Leeann she is in the wrong for leaving out on the road with my dad and that she didn't "trust me to give her a ride anywhere". So I decided I would comment and defend myself, because I haven't done anything to her to be untrustworthy, we have barely said two words to eachother! She comments back and says she wasn't talking to me, so I reply that no maybe she wasn't but she mentioned me so I am going to defend myself if she is going to accuse me of something I believe I am not guilty of. 

  Sibil then replies to me and says, Oh well, get the hell over it. I had an appointment Thursday and couldn't go and it involved a family member of mine and you returned in plenty of time to make sure I got there but everyone else is more important. I am high risk so thanks a lot. There are many things wrong with this statement; the first being that we in fact did not return in enough time for her to be at her appointment, we returned at 2:05 just long enough to walk our dogs, since we were gone taking Mary where she needed to go for four hours, and then we left again to do our errands. There is no way that twenty minutes is enough time to get a small child ready, drive through traffic to get there, find a place to park, and check in without being extremely late. The second thing wrong with her statement is that she believes she is entitled because she is pregnant. No sweetie, no one made you get pregnant and no one causes you to be irresponsible by not making sure people know you need to go to the doctor ahead of time and offering gas money instead of expecting everything to be catered to you. Lastly, if Sibil were an actual mature adult, she would have called the doctor and rescheduled her appointment like I had suggested to Melvin (which Melvin should have then suggested to her).

  This has a happy ending. When I texted my dad to tell him that Melvin refused to give us gas money again (my dad already knew Melvin blew all the money) he said that he was kicking Sibil and Melvin out this Friday. I honestly think even that is too long to wait since they lived with us for free for an entire week, but isn't their entire life about what they can get for free? Anyway, even though I have to suffer another week of living with them, I can say I am so glad and relieved they got what they deserve. I think its fucked up how we've been nothing but nice to them. We went and picked up a prescription for Sibil, gave Melvin rides to work up till he stopped paying us, offered them our food we bought and cooked on occassion, let them use our shower, gave them advil when they had a headache, and all for what? To be thrown under the bus and taken advantage of and lied to? Oh, I forgot to mention the lie Melvin told! One morning when my fiance woke up at 4am, on our day off to take Melvin to work,an hour away from our house, mind you, he arrived one minute late and Melvin lied and said he couldn't go into work one minute late because the time clocks were shut down. We found out this was a lie when Leeann told us she had gotten him to work later than that before, and he still clocked in.

   This is why I have trust issues ladies and gentlemen. I'm glad we only have two more days of seeing their faces! I hope one day they realize what they had and that people didn't have to do the things they did for them, and that it causes them misery for the rest of their lives. I am a nice person until you have done something wrong to me, and I try not to hold grudges because others shouldn't have the power to control how I feel, but when you have had your trust betrayed so many times, it is so hard! At least as of Friday, peace will be somewhat restored mine and my fiancees life. Until next time....



  1. I think that your dad should have handled the situation a bit differently but my theory of the end result was still the same. I am glad they are supposed to be out of your life. You guys do not need that at all.