Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Roommate Drama

  About a month ago, my fiance and my career took a turn for the worst, and something happened that I never thought I would experience again in my late 20's, I moved in with my father. I thought this would be a smart choice until we can find better jobs and get back on our feet financially, but boy was I ever wrong, I'll get to that later though. Anyway, currently including myself and my fiance, there are ten people living at my current residence all together. There's my father James, his wife Leeann, Leann's daughter Sibil, Sibils partner Melvin and thier son MJ, Leann's son TJ and his partner Samantha and one other woman he took in that was previously homeless named Mary (all names changed for security reasons). Still with me here? 
  So we move in, everything is great for the first week, then my dad asks my fiance and I if we wouldn't mind taking Melvin to work in the mornings from now on (since Melvin doesn't own a car) so that Leeann can go out on the road with my dad (who is a truck driver) in exchange for gas money every week. So of course, being the nice people myself and my fiance are, we agree to do it. So at first everything is fine, he pays his gas every week and there are no issues. Fast forward three weeks, and everything does a complete 360.

 Melvin hasn't paid my fiance and I a dime in gas money for two weeks, just keep this fact in mind as I get back to the point. My dad sold his old car to TJ who eventually bought a new car and kept the one my dad sold him. My dads neighbor had an old car she was trying to get rid of, so my dad and TJ agreed amongst themselves to give the title to TJs old car to Melvin so that he can use the money toward buying my dad's neighbors car. So Melvin goes and scraps the car.....and blows every penny of the money on take out and alcohol. 

 Knowing that he kept all the money instead of using it for its intended purpose, this past Sunday I texted Melvin and told him if he needs a ride to work, then he will need to pay us the money he owes us for gas for the past two weeks. I kid you not....Melvin texts back and says "I will have it next week, I only have 10 dollars". My question is why the hell couldn't he have given us 30$ when he spent ALL that money on food and booze? 

  So by this point, I am feeling like he is using us, so understandably, I am pissed and choose not to text him back until I've calmed down. Ten minutes later I get another text from him that says something like "Are you guys taking me to work this week or not I need to know?" OH THE NERVE! So I text him back and tell him that No, I am not taking him to work this week because he hasnt paid in two weeks and I am not a charity taxi and cannot do it for free. This all escalated into an even bigger mess. 

Part II coming soon......

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  1. So far it sounds like the situation we were in with my guys sister last year. And as for the 10 people thing, god I know that feeling. Tg the most annoying one is moving out.